High-quality geocoder
If you have a large dataset with US data to geocode, you have found a great tool to help you get the job done. Built-in state-of-the-art geocoder corrects malformed addresses and uses fuzzy matching to find misspelled ones. It outputs location coordinates, standardized addresses and a precision score, so you'll know exactly what was found. You can also download the results as a CSV or a shapefile.


We blended data from many sources and applied artificial intelligence for natural-language processing. We also used millions of real-life examples to train our intelligent scoring system based on various parameters: textual match, composition, viewport, and even popularity.


Our geocoder is a fully scalable system built in the cloud that can handle millions of geocodes. The system automatically scales up and down depending on job requests. This ensures the service is always up and running and just as reliable, regardless of the number of requests being processed.

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Organized geo data

Your geo data.

GeoBuffer is a great system to store and organize your geospatial data. Like Google Drive but built specifically for geospatial data. No more messy folders with multiple copies of files spread across your team’s computers.

Vector tiles server

Vector tile server.

Very fast and highly scalable vector tile server built to handle millions of users. Run it on the cloud or on your own infrastructure. It serves MVT tiles that are compatible with Mapbox GL JS, iOS SDK, and Android SDK.

Your team. Happily on the same page.
Work with your team and easily keep everyone up to date because all your data are stored in a central location which acts as the single source of truth for everyone.
Beautiful maps

Create beautiful data-
driven maps.

GeoBuffer allows you to create and deliver state-of-the-art data driven maps and applications quickly and easily. Using our SDK and JS framework you can create working map applications in minutes.

Cutting edge

Cutting-edge vector tiles for fast maps.

GeoBuffer produces and delivers vector tiles used to build the most advanced WebGL maps in the world. Our geospatial compression algorithms make clean small vector tiles optimized at every zoom level.


An API for your data and your workflows.

With GeoBuffer, your data get an API right out of the box. You can use it to create amazing applications as we did with our award winning Social Explorer maps, or use it with your automated data workflows.

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From the creators of Social Explorer
Tool for visualizing and analyzing location based data.